Trou de Fer Localisation : Bébour- Bélouve

Trou de Fer from Bras de Caverne : Level 4

Expert, technical, very long and exposed

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed at least one other vertical canyon  such as Fleur Jaune Intégral, Ferrière or Langevin Intégral and at least 1 other adventure canyon such as Taka or Bras Sec.


Duration: 2 days


An exceptional Two Day Adventure ! that takes you to the heart of the island, far from any roads and civilisation.

Day one consists of three cliffs where the magnitude of the undertaking intensifies with each sucessive section.

Arriving at the edge of Trou De Fer, ‘The Iron Hole’ a 270m Rappel awaits along with a dizzying sense of exposure during the descent of this several thousand year old amphitheartre and its several 300m waterfalls.

On reaching the bottom of this giagantic feature you can take a pause for breathe and contemplate the isolation of the place before setting up your Bivi for the night.

Day two follows the canyon, on its path to the sea, through a long and narrow gorge with some sections no more than shoulder width. Rappel into this gorge surrounded by 1000m high walls of vegetation, cross the Boiler and the Cavern of the Minotaur and enjoy a succession of small rappels interspersed with jumps.
The adventure finally comes to an end after a 2hr walk to reach the circus of Salaize

Price: 400€


Preview of the TDF canyon :


2eme cassé


Vue sur le corridor depuis le 3ème cassé

Le corridor

2ème jour dans TDF