Takamaka Localisation: Plaine des Palmistes, Bébour-Bélouve

Takamaka : Level3

Sporty, long, technical and exposed.


Prerequisite: Participants must have completed at least one other vertical canyon such as the Fleur Jaune Integral or the Ferriere or the Langevin Integral.


Duration: allow 10 à 12h


Takamaka…is every bit as exotic and adventerous as the sound of its name. Doing ‘Taka’ is a real must in the world of canyoning. The adventure starts at dawn with a 70m rappel into the void. (That will wake you up !)

Immediately followed by ‘The big cliff’ a 140m monster. As if that is not enough you now enter a place of rare beauty : the mini Trou de Fer. Expect to be buzzed by helicopters containing jealou s sightseers as you enjoy the unique privelage of descending the mini Trou de Fer, an 80m rappel.

The day now takes on an aquatic theme down a sucession of jumps and slides.

To finish what is a truly memorable day you have to hike and climb steep walls and jungle to reach civilization.

Price: 150€

Preview of the canyon of Takamaka: 


canyon aventure péi


Descente dans le Mini trou de fer


Au pied de la cascade aventure péi


Mini trou de Fer


Toboggan de la partie aquatique