Localisation: St Suzanne (North), Bassin Boeuf

St Suzanne Classical Version: Level1

Beginners and Children (mini 20kg)



St Suzanne is an easy and fun canyon for everyone, even children. The adventure starts with an 19m rappel and continues with jumps (3 or 5m). After that you will cross a small basaltic cave to reach another rappel. After a few other jumps you will arrive at the last pool where there is a fantastic 40m zipline. And for the very best there is also a thrilling 10m jump.


Price: 60€ (55€ if 6p)



Preview of the classical version of the Canyon of St Suzanne :

St Suzanne


canyoning réunion

La grotte de St Suzanne

St Suzanne, Integral Version:  Level2




The integral version carries on after the zipline with a small slide and a jump. Then you will rappel down a 25m cliff just before arriving at the great 80m zipline. You will finish the canyon by a 30min walk thought a banana plantation.


Price: 75€ (70€ if 6p)



Preview of the integral version: