Fleur Jaune Situation: Cilaos Circus, Road of Îlet à Corde

Canyon of Fleur Jaune

Classical Version : Level2




The canyon fleur jaune (« yellow flower ») is the most well known and most photographied canyon of the Island. It involves rapels down wonderful white waterfalls, facing the entire Cilaos circus and the famous Piton des Neiges. This canyon contains a succession of 7 rappels including a very exciting one of 53m.

Price: 70€ (65€ if 6p)



Preview of the Canyon of Fleur Jaune : 




Canyon of Fleur Jaune Integral Version: Level2 Level3:

The Integral Version is longer (around 8h), with longer walks during and after the canyon. And you absolutely need to be confortable with a 93m rappel !



The integral version of fleur jaune is longer. After the classical version, you will walk for around 1h in the canyon to reach the « salle à manger », a magnificent viewpoint point on the circus and on the canyon of bras rouge. From there you start the descent on the « chapelle », a real geological Wonder. First there is a 35m rappel then a 94m, totally into the void. The day ends with a 1h30 walk back to Cilaos.


Price: 100€ (95€ if 6p)

Preview of the Integral Version: