Bras Rouge, Localisation : Cilaos Circus, on the road to Îlet à Corde

Canyon of Bras Rouge Classical Version : Level 2  




Bras rouge is a canyon with peculiar red rocks, just a the bottom of the Piton des neiges. The adventure starts with a via cordatta and two 20-25m rappels. Then lots of big slides, a few jumps and some rappels.


Price: 65€ (60€ if 6p)



Preview of Canyon of Bras Rouge, Classical Version : 




Canyon of Bras Rouge Integral Version: Level 2 ++ 

The integral version is longer (around 4-5h) and it add three technical rappels, inside the waterfall. You need to be confortable with rappels.



The integral version is a bit longer and includes 3 technical rappels. You will then enter the corridor of bras rouge which requires a rappel down a narrow waterfall that concentrates all the water of the canyon. With a High level of water, the adventure becomes very interesting! after that there are more jumps and a great slide, one of the best on the Island.


Price: 85€ (80€ if 6p)

Preview of the Integral Version :